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Windmills and Lances

confessions of a quixotic unicorn fanatic

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ZonieCon Update! Hotel Proposal: Event Summary
Yeah, they misspelled our name. I'll get that changed ASAP.

All the expenses are listed here. It's in spitting distance of $3500, which is about $500 over what our gracious benefactor is able to cover. The rest of us will have to cover the difference, which fortunately isn't much and we've got most of a year to come up with it. Shouldn't be a problem, and if anyone has any, let me know ASAP.

If we want to lock this in, we need to pony up the $500 deposit. Note that a second entry follows this one, with the Block Agreement itself. Con staffers, please read over ALL details before pitching in with a yea or nay, and if it's nay, tell me what you think needs to be changed.

ZonieCon - Arrival 09/30/11 – Departure 10/02/11 (2) Night Stay (3) Day Meeting Room

Room Accommodations:
* (50) Rooms 2 Nights - Each Night Stay @ $69.00 Studio King or Studio QQ – Upgrade to Two Room Suite @ $89.00 * Presidential Jacuzzi Suite @ $99.00 – Based on Availability
* Room rate does not include room tax currently at 13.05% or $2.00 city tax

Meeting Rooms:
* Copper Ballroom with Stage – with the Option to Extend into the (Silver Ballroom – [60] DAYS Prior Notice Based on Availability * HTCC Will Advise Status)
* Buckley Room
* The Mission & Pershing Hospitality Suites – Bottom Floor of Tower.

Meeting Space *$800.00 X 3 = 2,400++ – Set up Fee – Copper Ballroom $100 – Buckley $50.00 – Mission & Pershing $100.00 * TOTAL = 2,650.00 +Tax @ 9.1% = 241.15 + Gratuity @ 20% - 530.00

* Grand Inclusive Total =$ 3,421.15
* DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT $500.00 ASAP to Secure Reservation
* Balance Due 30 Days Prior to Event